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quinta-feira, novembro 11, 2010

Just do it.

"The rose remains in the wind, the love remains in the heart. I'm smiling for yours picture. I like the way you always is shining with the eyes. It's insane what you make me feel. The love it's insane. I like to thinks, that maybe you feel the same. It's ironic, I know... That girl so freezing now being in love. But, she never stay so happy. Now she's believing in love.

That's yours magic in her. You makes she dream. The hapiness never seems so close."
And along with the end of that paper, came a weak voice:
- Grandmom, help me, what I do? - He asked me.
- Oh, my litlle, when you are faced with a girl talking to you this, you just might kiss her.

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